Local Underground Scene Rising in the Music Industry to New Heights

Ever since Memphis has risen in the music industry to new heights, there has been talk of “So-in so is from my hood and he blowing up in this rap game slamming does, flipping h--s, My Hood The Crunkest Yeen Know”. Well, one things for sure; the Memphis local underground scene is blowing up nationwide with new talent everyday and will be there all the way in the forefront when it takes over this internet thang as well. Folks from the hood are definitely holding it down representing for the whole M Town, but there’s a slight mishap we must deal wit! We got Gangsta Boo reppin for the BHZ, Gangsta Blac reppin for South Parkway, Eightball & MJG reppin Orange Mound, & those are just a few names of many, so whassup? What Memphis Hoodz u reppin? We must know, Ladies & Gentlemen, WHOSE HOOD REALLY IS THE CRUNKEST?

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Memphis Rap Unreleased Video Footage: GNerd, DPKOM & Ryan Buckin, Jookin to Yo Gotti's "Harder"

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