Girltalk with Brooke Valentine

Brooke ValentineBrooke Valentine drops by to talk about breakin into the industry, working with Lil Jon & Big Boi (Outkast) and explains the concept behind her hit single and video “Girlfight”.

bgyrl4life: Is “it” (the success & fame) what you thought it would be …has it all sunk in?

Brooke Valentine: It’s crazy, me and my best friend Queen (she’s actually on the album), we were in Denny’s last night, we were chilling, we go there all the time and get food to go, and everybody was like “Is that Brooke Valentine”? and we were like “Oh my God!”. I have to get used to this.

bgyrl4life: People recognizing you?

Brooke: Yeah, we’ll be all thugged out, in the drug stores, gettin’ our mascara, lipstick, whatever we need and people are like shocked to see us…

bgyrl4life: In there doin’ your thing? (interjects)

Brooke: Just…just shopping…we’re forever in Target.

bgyrl4life: In Target?!

Brooke: YES!, honey I LIVE in Target! Target is like the Bible, we go there all the time…and people are like, “There’s Brooke!”. We can’t go to Target anymore, unless we want to, you know, do all of that. We can’t just run in and run out anymore, so it’s crazy.

bgyrl4life: Do you miss being able to…just go? Being anonymous while you’re out?

Brooke: I got to say, I’m not hating on the love, I love the love, it makes me feel really good that people are…that they care enough to say “Hey, I like your music”, that really makes me feel good because not only am I doing it for myself, I’m doing it for the people as well. I want to give you stuff you’ll love to listen to and that you’ll enjoy.

But, you know, I have to be honest too, sometimes you do want to get in and get out…sometimes you’re in a rush, or I’ll need to get somewhere and just want to run in there and get some paper towels right quick and then I’ll end of being in there for about an hour. Sometimes, it’s really somethin…

bgyrl4life: Are people surprised that you don’t have people who do that, that you actually handle everything, from buying paper towels or whatever…that you’re out doing it?

Brooke: I don’t think that would be fun. If I want to cook, I want to go to the store and pick out the groceries. I want to get the vegetables, I want to see what they look like. I’d hate being like “OK girl, make sure the tomatoes are red”, squeeze it…I love going and doing it myself
bgyrl4life: So you cook? What’s one of your specialties?

Brooke: The things that I like to cook, nobody requests (laughing)…everyone always requests my enchiladas…or Mexican food. Everybody who comes over is like “I hope you made tacos”, “I hope you made enchiladas”…For me, I got this chicken and broccoli dish I like to make, but maybe that isn’t my best dish, honey because nobody requests that…

bgyrl4life laughing: Do they know?

Brooke laughing: Yeah, they’re like “did you make enchiladas” and I’m like “I’m making chicken and broccoli…”

bgyrl4life: I’m going to put on the site that everyone request your chicken and broccoli…
(At this point of the interview, bgyrl4life would like everyone reading this to request Brooke’s chicken and broccoli) next time you catch her out…

Read part 2 of this interview where Brooke talks about “Girlfight” and working with Lil Jon at

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