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Eminem Gets Bruno’s Butt In His Face At MTV Movie Awards; Prank or Not?

Picture of Bruno’s butt in rapper Eminem’s face at 2009 MTV Movie Awards

If you missed the MTV Movie Awards last night (May 31), then you missed hip hop artist Eminem getting ‘tea bagged,’ as most are calling it now, by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen aka Bruno.

According to, the British comedian and actor who portrays a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter, who’s known for pulling ‘bare butt’ pranks, landed in rapper Eminem’s lap last night at the entertainment awards ceremony as he was flying through mid-air over top of the MTV Movie Awards crowd.

Bruno who seemed to have lost his balance as gliding through the air on a trick wire fell a-s backwards in Eminem’s lap with his butt ‘right square’ in Eminem’s face, close enough to possibly get a whiff of the comedian.

Picture of Bruno's butt in rapper Eminem's face at 2009 MTV Movie Awards“Are you serious? Get this motherf-cker off me, man,” Eminem, seemingly angry, tells his entourage, following the prank.

In the video, as Eminem’s entourage was shoving Bruno off Eminem, you can hear Bruno saying, “Don’t touch me guys, I’ve already got a boyfriend,” followed by “..let’s continue this in my hotel room.”

Afterward, you can see, Eminem along with his entourage apparently walking out of the Awards ceremony.

Reportedly, Bruno lost his balance due to his ‘private area’ or ‘balls,’ if you will, allegedly got ‘hung’ in the wires holding him up.

In related news, fans on the internet are reportedly accusing Nick Cannon for setting up the prank, if it was a prank, at all, to get back at Eminem over dissin’ his wifey Mariah Carey, as reported on

Was this a prank, or was it a real accident? Was Eminem really angry or was he in on it? What many people are wondering now is whether the incident was real or fake ?!

Watch the video below of Bruno’s butt landing in Eminem’s face at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards.

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