Eminem Drops Charges Against Rapping Phone Stalker

Spratt began to continuously stalk Eminem by phone asking him to listen to his music.

Obsessive and hopeful aspiring rapper Kyle Spratt, 18, who was fired from his job in Ontario after stealing the phone of Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Mather’s seem to have only wanted a big break. The “wannabe rapper” wrote down Eminem’s (Marshall Mathers/Slim Shady) number, returned the cellphone phone and then began calling the rapper to see if he would listen to his demo music.

According to reports Spratt stated to Eminem, “I’m just really desperate to get my music heard. I’m not having a good life… and I feel that my music could really help me if I really made it.”

Spratt began to continuously stalk Eminem by phone asking him to listen to his music. The aspiring rapper even went as far as recording the phone conversations and turning them into a song called “Slim Sellout” which he posted on his myspace page. Since then, the song has been taken off of his myspace page.

A piece of the song lyrics are stated as, “I see the irony in everyones only insult to me as an ‘Eminem wannabe’ and the fact that i now ripped him .. I don’t care if he comes back I don’t care if he hears it … But I’m almost positive he will … F*** Eminem.”

In the end, the Detroit Police stepped in and called Spratt and warned him to stop harassing the rapper. Police in Ontario then contacted Spratt, feeling that the Mathers’ had been threatened. Spratt was noted as stating that he would post pictures of their children on the internet, but the cops failed to find any pictures and so Eminem and Kim both agreed not to press charges against Spratt.

“He (Eminem) was a real a-----e. He pretended it was wasn’t him, and he did a fake voice,” stated Spratt.

The aspiring rapper also reportedly collected the number of rapper Obie Trice, but no one knows as to rather or not if he was also called.

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