Bank of America Makes Top Ten Worst Bank List

Bank of America among other national banks has been complied onto a list of Best and Worst banks including those with most complaints.

With the ever growing internet age of identity theft, bank fraud and scams it looks like Bank of America among other national banks may be feeling the heat in a released FDIC list of best and worst banks. Upon search on Yahoo! and googling the Internet for Bank of America complaints you can immediately get back thousands of results from assumed Bank of America customers complaining over the Internet on topics such as overdraft fees, unexplained charges, unethical and criminal business practices and more.

According to Market Watch information in an article posted on Yahoo! Finance, Bank of America topped the top 10 list at #1 with more than 3,000 more complaints than the #2 worst bank on the list, J.P. Morgan Chase. Citigroup and Wells Fargo weren’t that far behind on the list.

Customers complaints are so high that evidently there’s a demand enough that someone thought it was worthy enough to start a website dedicated to Bank of America consumer opinions. The site redundantly titled Bank of America Sucks,

Here are the 10 national banks with largest number of complaints in 2007:

Bank | Number of complaints % of total
Bank of America | 7,230 | 25.5
J.P. Morgan Chase | 4,890 | 17.3
Citigroup | 3,742 | 13.2
Wells Fargo | 2,695 | 9.5
HSBC North America | 1,963 | 6.9
Wachovia | 1,265 | 4.5
U.S. Bancorp | 1,027 | 3.6
National City | 586 | 2.1
The Royal Bank of Scotland Group | 537 | 1.9
Key Corp | 343 | 1.2
Total Top 10 complaints | 24,278 | 85.7
Total complaints | 28,316 | 100

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