Trick Daddy To Leave Slip N Slide?

CEO of Slip N Slide Records discusses rift with Trick Daddy. Ted Lucas confirmed that rumors of Trick’s discontent at the label are true.

Nearly 15 years after starting Slip-N-Slide, CEo Ted Lucas is currently embroiled in a very public parting of ways with one of the label’s biggest artists, Trick Daddy. Lucas confirmed that rumors of Trick’s discontent at the label are true, and although Trick is a Slip-N-Slide artist at the present moment, they are currently working out details of a departure.

“As of today he is still signed to Slip-N-Slide,” Lucas said. “He has asked to be released from the label. We are in the process of making that decision; most likely Trick will no longer be on Slip N Slide going forward.”

According to Lucas, the root of Trick’s problem lies with Atlantic Records, and the way his last album was handled by the company.

“He wasn’t happy with how his last project went with Atlantic records and that caused a little problem between me and him, because he felt I should have did some things that would have prevented the way it went out with Atlantic,” Lucas explained. “His last album didn’t do as well as previous albums did but I think Trick Daddy still has a great future. He is one of the best rappers to come out of the South period.”

“It ain’t something easy,” Lucas sontinued. “Trick Daddy is not just an artist, that’s my brother. I look at him as one of the first ones that helped me get off the streets. I didn’t want to be CEO of a record company really, it was just something God had planned to go that way. Sometimes men grow up and have to go their separate ways. If that’s the decision that’s made I understand that, and regardless of the decision that is made I’m going to support him.”

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