Protestors Boycott ‘The Da Vinci Code’ Opening in Memphis

“The Da Vinci Code” opened to audiences in Memphis Friday and the protestors were right there attempting to encourage others to boycott the film. A group of protestors along with boycott signs stood outside the Malco Paradiso, and literally prayed for others to boycott.

This is not a targeted incident, “The Da Vinci Code” is proving to be controversial with several religious groups protesting the movie all over the globe. Many claim the movie is based on lies and should not be allowed to be shown to the public.

A local movie-goer, Mai’ Ling, when questioned by about the protestors and the movie, says “There’s going to always be movies people don’t like but it’s freedom of speech, it’s the American way. If we couldn’t speak our minds then everyone would say we’re been violated our constitutional rights. If you don’t like a movie, then don’t go see it but I think it’s good to hear all sides of everything inorder to find the truth of anything.

The movie is based on the popular novel by Dan Brown which alleges that the Catholic Church is involved in a conspiracy to hide the ‘real’ truth about Jesus Christ.

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