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In an exclusive phone interview with, South Memphis’ Miscellaneous reveals what’s up with him and discusses the origins of his beef with Yo Gotti, and how it relates to his long-awaited single “Memphis Walk”, off his upcoming album project entitled “Money Behind Da Dream” featuring Kavious, Mac E, Yung Kee, and more.

In the days leading up to the public’s knowing of the Yo Gotti and Miscellaneous beef, controversy has surrounded both artists after the shooting past Saturday night during Yo Gotti’s “Gangsta Grillz” release party at Plush Club on 380 Beale Street in Downtown Memphis.

The feud between Miscellaneous and Gotti is a beef but not a new one, as it stems from more than two years ago as, in the phone interview with, Miscellaneous claims Yo Gotti copied the popular Gotti single D-Boy from him and is now trying to copy his song “Memphis Walk”. “The D-Boy song, that’s me pimp! Here you go again with the Memphis Walk.. well it just ain’t gon happen this time around that easy ..trying to take my blessing.. you owe me.. if you want me to be your personal writer maine, give me some money maine, I’ll give you some hits. You got a deal! I’m trying to get a deal,” Miscellaneous says.

Though, in the interview, Miscellaneous confirms there is indeed this beef, he says both Gotti and hisself nor their entourage, who according to Miscellaneous included around 100 for Gotti but only 7 for him, did not have anything to do with the shooting this past Saturday at the Plush Club.

As a matter of fact, there were talks to organize a public sit-down between both Miscellaneous and Yo Gotti by and the Memphis or Die! organization to settle the beef during the interview. When asked if he’d like to settle it publicly and what would it take to possibly settle it, Miscellaneous responds “Maine give me 75K.. 25 for the D-Boy and 50 for the Memphis Walk.. say I apologize or you wanna do a remix wit me.. something, you know what I’m sayin.. that’s all I’m sayin.. we having something June 12 and dude (Yo Gotti) welcome to come at the Civil Rights Museum.. we got a lot of Memphis rappers coming for a new movement.” Although this invitation was given during the interview, nothing has been officially planned or announced til Gotti’s people have been contacted and the sit-down is deemed possible or even necessary.

Also, in the in-depth interview, Miscellaneous discusses how the argument between the two at the Plush Club event were heated and how a few parties from Gotti’s crew fanned the flames when he was only attempting to talk with Gotti about the “Memphis Walk” song.

“His folks started getting all wild and stuff so it became an argument.. we argued for a minute.. it would have went down but it didn’t go down,” Miscellaneous says. Miscellaneous goes on to make claims that it was Gotti’s crew which jumped on DJ Freddy Hydro a while back because of their interview on Power 99 where Miscellaneous first spoke bluntly about the beef with him and Gotti. B. Stone, Miscellaneous’ manager claims this is why the song “Memphis Walk” was put to a halt and hasn’t gotten any support from local radio DJs since and say that with all the media hype, there would be no reason why any DJ would not play the song, especially if they consider themselves supporters of their city.

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