Ice on The Red Planet? Phoenix Mars Lander Makes Discovery

According to scientists, the Phoenix Mars Lander spacecraft which landed last Sunday is stated to have found what is believed to be ice on the planet Mars.

According to scientists, the Phoenix spacecraft which landed last Sunday is stated to have found what is believed to be ice. Scientist stated on Saturday that a bright and shiny layer of possible ice was identified inches beneath the Martian soil under the body of the Phoenix Mars Lander which must have been uncovered by the thrusters of the spacecraft.

“It’s the consensus of all of us that we have found ice,” said Peter Smith of the University of Arizona in Tucson to reporters during a conference call. “It’s shiny and smooth — it’s absolutely astounding!”

Smith went on to add that, “It’s not impossible that it’s something else,” he conceded, “but our leading interpretation is ice. We are looking at an extended table of ice.”

The lander was sent to a spot on Mars’ in the northern regions to find frozen water and any possible signs of life present and past on a three-month mission. The robot arm will begin its first digging next week after several days of testing.

In related news, Phoenix Mars Lander web site was hacked by a hacker who changed an article on the web site and left his signature and a link redirecting visitors to an overseas site. After the vulnerability was noticed, the site was taken offline while security experts and the IT Department investigated the intrusion and made fixes before making the site live again.

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