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Team up with MemphisRap.com & expose your talents to the thousands worldwide over the internet who visit our site everyday and grow in the Industry with a site making a difference!

Writer Positions:

MemphisRap.com is looking for Contributing Writers. Please send at least two example articles to us on any topic for consideration. This is a great opportunity for someone who has interest in the Memphis Rap scene and the music industry. We’re currently looking for writers in the Memphis and surrounding Mid-South area only.

Types of writers we’re looking for:
Writers To Hold Interviews
Writers To Write Columns
Writers To Write Reviews
Writers To Write Articles

MemphisRap.com media credentials
Build relationship and contacts in the industry
Professional writing references

A career with MemphisRap.com begins as a volunteer. MemphisRap.com is looking to give hands on working experience by giving you a chance to participate in projects and events surrounding the music industry in the local Memphis area & closely related surrounding areas. At MemphisRap.com , you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge, BE your own boss, meet & make contacts in the Industry, work towards your own goals and don’t forget about the great benefits you get as well!

Going on assignments and visiting local venues in Memphis, TN and/or your city, if not in Memphis to generate self-written articles of interest to readers.

Editorial Positions
Preview newly submitted stories, reviews, for editorial.

· Strong writing skills (e.g., good English, punctuation, savvy).
Must continue to contribute at least five articles or more each week.

Minimum of 3 months as a Contributing Writer or Editor, contributing at least five articles each week. Will be assigned the position as an Associate Writer or Editor after evaluation.

1. Earn a minimum pay of at least $200 per month to start
2. Banners to promote your site: minimum of 1,000 per month (depends on the interest of your media to our readers & listeners – should it increase then so will increase your monthly impressions)
3. Free support from MemphisRap.com with any promotions you wish to organize over the site so long as it is also MRap media networked.

Welcome gift, your own MemphisRap.com email account, writer’s profile page, and more.

Assigned one or more areas of expertise or specialization.

Has a hand in making minor decisions and can become Chief Editor and/or Media Journalist with increased pay after evaluation.

All media you submit will include your footer/signature with a short bio.

    Example: Yourname is the contributing writer at MemphisRap.com. He/she also blogs about celebrity rumors, events, health and more on their personal blog at http://. Follow yourname at:

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