Do you like what you see going on at Think you can contribute to making it even better? Team up with & expose your talents to the thousands worldwide over the internet who visit our site everyday and grow in the Industry with a site making a difference!

What would it be like to be on the team?
A career with begins as a volunteer. is looking to give hands on working experience by giving you a chance to participate in projects and events surrounding the music industry in the local Memphis area & closely related surrounding areas. At, you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge, BE your own boss, meet & make contacts in the Industry, work towards your own goals and don’t forget about the great benefits you get as well!

Do we offer paid positions?
As we mentioned earlier, a career with begins as a volunteer. We have many spots where help is needed but not all are paid spots. Advertising & sales pay money but most others pay with online benefits and recognition within the Music Industry. Plus you may use us as a reference when applying for another job. All openings when filled will consist of logging into a special software customized with open projects such as interviews, assignments, time sheets, employee levels & more. Everyone on the team will also have to use when conferencing with anyone outside the site and also an ID badge for verification use into certain venues in Memphis etc… We are definitely here to reward every single individual who works with the team and as our site grows, then so will the benefits, rewards & paid positions. However, we will definitely hire from inside our own team before we look to outside sources so the best time to join the team is now!

Wanna join the Dream Team staff, but are you ready to BE a team player?
We’re interested in real thinkers willing to set goals & achieve them! You must be self-motivated and be willing to commit to assignments with major Record Labels, signed/unsigned Memphis Rap artists, and also be ready for immediate action because promotions can arise at anytime in this business. We’re always looking for smart students and recent graduates who have a passion for new media. Even before you graduate you can become a “ Editor or Representative.” The chances are here for students to fill a variety of opportunities and take on challenging projects.
View our current projects below and find your dream assignment today!

Want to learn about even more benefits?
What we offer is:

  • A supportive team of others!
  • The Fans & Industry Audience
  • Monthly projects to choose from
  • Free Promotional Space on the Site To Dream Team members
  • The opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge
  • Paid Commissions From Sales Through Clientele You Develop
  • A Monthly Budget for Traveling & Venue Expenses
  • Plus More …

Other benefits offered: Free subscriptions, free music, tickets, advertisement, autographed photos, etc….

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