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    Looking for an answer to this question of what rapper or rappers out of Memphis got next at

    What yall think? Looking for opinions… such as Young Dolph, OG Boo DIrty, Don Trip, ZedZilla, Dimepiece, etc.. or someone else?

    Funky Town.. Memphis, Tennessee


    im perfectin my craft right mow. and when i get to that point where im comfortable with both my lyrical content and producing. i will begin on recording material. i plan to be the memphis artist with that retro/old school style from 90’s era but with my own original twist, sound, and creativeness. word is bond im in progress yet im taking my time.

    In time you will know, T.I.M.E will tell -Busta Rhymes, L.O.N.S


    Besides that. i vouch for Don Trip, Zedzilla, and some other undergound memphis artists





    @lons91 thanks for the feedback, when you get a chance to record something, be sure and comeback post a link

    @jamestowndropboys post up a music link on your profile

    Funky Town.. Memphis, Tennessee



    Kid WC!This dude is talented https://­


    Dogg Deep Up NEXT!!!!!


    Augustine Muller a New Up & Commer You Wil Be hearing about hIm Soon

    #42397 Check out “GOOD OLD DAYS” and give me feedback @memphisrap and anyone else who can read this


    Want To Know What Memphis Rapper Got Next? You Must Read This!

    A.P. Appleberry, is an American rapper and entrepreneur representing Dallas, TX and Memphis, TN. He brings a unique flavor of lyrical content to any track he touches. Described by his fans as "one of the illest performers living", Appleberry brings music to life with his energetic flow and incredible showmanship.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 15 total)

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