Niykee Heaton, White Girl Who Sung Love Sosa, Covers Juicy J’s Bandz A Make Her Dance

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Niykee Heaton, the white girl now popular for her guitar instrumental covers after capturing the attention of media and blogs for her YouTube video cover singing Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa,” actually does a pretty good job of an acoustic cover of Juicy J’s hit song Bandz A Make Her Dance. Watch the video plus check out the additional video after the jump of her Love Sosa cover.

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In an interview with Complex, Niykee Heaton, who is an 18 year old out of Geneva, Illinois born of a South African mother, says she has been playing the guitar since she was 10 years old and singing since she was 5.

I picked up a guitar, I just loved the way it felt. I started to play when I was 10, on acoustic. I’m self-taught. I’ve never taken one lesson. I started singing when I was about five years old. When I was younger, I bought Diana Ross’ Greatest Hits CD and listened to every song on my Walkman until I could mimic her voice. That’s how I learned to sing.

Heaton says she saw Keef at a concert over the summer and just decided one day to cover his rap song.

Since her recent popularity in the media, Heaton revealed that every single record label has reached out to her.

Heaton says her “ultimate dream” would be to write original music that is alternative with an urban edge. Check out her videos!

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