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    Memphis Rap

    There are 6 speaking roles available in this upcoming film – maybe you will be the one cast! Please bring Headshots and resumes!!!

    Indie Acting Class, is very proud to welcome Filmmaker LaDell Beamon from (((HTH Foundation of Memphis))) … LaDell will be in class looking again for talented actors for his upcoming film (((The Mix Up”))

    Thursday is your chance to be noticed by a real film maker and to create a solid performance and show Erin that you are an actor to be taken seriously !!!… DONT MISS THIS!!!

    “The Mix Up”
    takes us into the life of Sophia Morgan, a freshman student in college that just wants to fit in. Sophia, who is adopted by her Uncle Rick Morgan after her mother’s tragic death, experiences a total culture shock by trying to fit into the new world of college life. Surrounding by fraternity parties, alcohol, sex and the transitions of adult life, Sophia is introduced to Mike (the ladies man) who steals her virginity of a tragic date rape. Enraged by the impact of this incident, Uncle Rick goes down a dark path as a vigilante hunting for the rapists which ends in a very powerful altercation that will shock college campuses all around the world.

    (((The Message)))
    “The Mix Up” tackles social issues that are happening on college campuses all over the world. The short

    film dives into alcohol abuse, peer pressure while defining the laws of safe dating on college campuses.

    We are all well aware of how hard the film industry is and it’s getting harder all the time.

    Acting roles are highly competitive. indie acting not only teaches you to be creative actors, we also you to be technical and efficient actors as as well …we offer everything, not just one style.

    From our weekly classes to the industry professionals and workshops we bring in are designed to teach you the necessities you must have to strengthen your acting skills

    Whether you want to work in Los Angeles, New York or work locally indie acting studio can help you break down a script, quickly, thoroughly. specifically and instinctively instead of just intellectually.

    Indie Acting Studio, offers classes that can help you deliver raw and unforgettable performances every time. Doing it different is a strong philosophy at indie acting. We work with every one of our actors to make sure that their choices are more powerful every time.

    From 6:30 to 10:30pm Class is only $15.00
    6047 Executive Centre Dr. Suite 3
    Memphis, TN

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