How To Earn Points

Becoming a member100 pts.
Logging in5 pts.
Publishing content20 pts.
Posting comments5 pts.
Upload images to your media library10 pts.
Uploading music to your media library10 pts.
Create an album.1 pts.
Creating a playlist20 pts.
Sending invites1 pts.
Invitation accepted100 pts.
Creating a group10 pts.
Deleting a group-10 pts.
Posting a new group forum topic5 pts.
Editing a group forum topic1 pts.
Joining a group5 pts.
Leaving a group-5 pts.
Posting a group comment2 pts.
Updating your profile2 pts.
New avatar5 pts.
New friendships2 pts.
Leaving friendship-2 pts.
New comment2 pts.
Deleting comment-2 pts.
New messages2 pts.
Virtual Banking
Earn interest on your points, point giveaways and more.
–coming soon–
Checking In–coming soon–