3 men arrested woman beat rap battle
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Woman Beats Men in Rap Battle, So They Rape, Set Her on Fire and Shoot Her

3 men arrested woman beat rap battle

Three men have reportedly been arrested after a brutal crime committed against a woman who beat them in a hip hop rap battle at a house party.

Joey Betrail Garron, 28, Robert Carl Johnson, 23, and Ketorie Glover, 23 all of Columbus, Georgia could not handle losing to a woman in a hip hop rap battle, so they allegedly raped, beat, shot and doused the woman with gasoline setting her on fire before leaving her for dead.

Columbus police reportedly responded to a vacant parking lot where a person was screaming out for help. They found a woman suffering from several gunshot wounds in the vacant lot.

The woman had allegedly engaged in a hip hop rap battle contest outside of a house party on Garden Drive where she was pitted against the alleged men opponents who she apparently defeated and set off anguish.

Apparently the rap battle got heated when one man drew a weapon – a handgun – and forced the 36 year-old victim into her own vehicle as two other men joined.

The woman was taken to the vacant lot where she was found by police at 988 Farr Road, the place where she was allegedly sexually assaulted by all three men, doused with gasoline, set on fire, shot several times and left for dead.

Fortunately, the woman survived her ordeal after being treated for injuries at a local hospital.

The three men have all been arrested and face felony charges of kidnapping, rape, aggravated assault, aggravated sexual battery, aggravated sodomy, arson in the first degree, possession of a firearm, among other charges.


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  1. If ever there’s a case where someone needs the death penalty for a crime where someone didn’t loose their life this is it

  2. This will scar her, but it will also be her testimony. Hopefully the fact that she survived will make her stronger and it will be felt in her music. This was a heinous crime and it sickens me. Black on black crime always sickens me. We as a people want to be loved and respected but then some of us don’t love and respect our own!

  3. Sad to say it, but this the world we live in.
    She survived, but will they survive prison, and what happens to rapist in prison. Prisoners will know who you are and what you did. Justice will be served.

  4. I am really grateful that these scumbags I caught and that day will be dealt with appropriately and may the young lady heal up from the inside out may God truly bless her

  5. This talented woman is going to be scarred for life, they probably shatter her dreams on being a rapper or in entertainment the industry. Get well soon queen you deserve all the love across the world. These cowards will get what they deserve. Sending prayer and peace to you and your family. Hoping on a speedy recovery. God bless.

  6. How is participating in a rap battle the equivalent to acting tough? Such act should never warrant the need for protection. Boys shouldn’t participate when their egos are larger than their talent.

  7. Im lost for words thees guys couldn’t stand the fact of a women standing jer ground in the rap game sick asf they deserve everything they get and more i just thank god shes ok and her recovery goes well i wanna salute her for the strongness she has as a women and may god continue to bless u and keep u shield.

  8. Yo women stop acting tough. U all need protection stop thinking that u can handle everything n protect ourselves. Stop the feminism crap. U’re weaker than men n u need other men to protect u. Be wise n smart instead of acting cocky n risking ur life and sexual rights.

    • You are SUPER weak for writing a message like this. Her physical strength had nothing to do with her vernacular. Men and women both need protection in the times we live in. It sounds like you are defending the actions of the men involved.

    • You men stop acting like women that was know reason for them to do what they did women was rapping before they was born and accept losing to a woman to they had to rape her and try to take her life they some weak men they better not drop the soap

    • Your comment makes no sense at all. This woman was doing a friendly rap battle these thugs couldn’t take an L and violated her and somehow this is about her and women and feminism. You need to get a clue and you are part of the problem.

    • First I must say Sir, this is the most asinine BS comment I’ve seen, considering plenty of women out there not acting tough and are STILL getting victimized by the thousands. She won a rap battle! And instead of taking your homeboys to task for their calleousness and purposeful actions, you wanna blame it on women acting tough and feminism.

      She won a damn rap battle against them. That means she battled them using rhymes! Do you know what special kind of a**hole you have to be, to justify a gang rape, beating, attempted murder and arson over losing a contest, they all voluntarily joined, fully knowing what happens in it, and well aware their victory wasn’t guaranteed?

      Winning a rap battle against a man is acting tough to you? Being cocky is acting tough, and therefore justification to physically attack a woman?

      If this is the kind of logic coming from a “protector” in the black community no wonder many of our women are dying due to spousal abuse, and/or not turning down a man “nice enough.” Jeez…


      • Do you know what special kind of a**hole you have to be, to justify a gang rape, beating, attempted murder and arson over losing a contest?

        A black one?

    • That’s ridiculous…we shouldn’t have to be weaker than a man!Man up take it as a loss and move on!🤷Women are just as good as men.If you agree with this that shows that kind if home you grew up in.Its all over a rap battle like really?!Have you ever heard of equality? I’m sorry I’m not about to babysit some grown man’s ego!You win some you lose some

    • You sound really stupid and arrogant.
      How was she acting tough for winning a rap battle fare and square? You sound like you would have done the same to her if you lost that battle! BTW, who is your mother? Because she really did raise a Jack a-s! This woman did nothing wrong but being herself and three clowns changed her life forever and she didnt deserve it. None of it makes sense.Hope you dont have any kids,even worse, a daughter because she dont deserve a parent like you.

    • What kind b------t is this. Obviously SHE was NOT the weaker vessel in this situation. #1. SHE beat THEM all 3 in a rap battle
      #2. They had to kidnap her at gun point. #3. Their lack of strength, intelligence, moral values, and inability to handle hurt egos CAUSED this NOT a woman being strong
      #4. After all they did she lived to tell about it!!! Now they serving prison time for doing something stupid, hateful, and WEAK.
      Stop this toxic hyper masculine b------t. The problem was the men being weak NOT a woman being strong. Black men ego too fragile. A real man would have worked on his lyrics and came back next week. A KING would have celebrated the QUEEN for her win. And understand this did not affect him being a king.

    • Are you serious!? Stop acting tough? The men who did this is weak minded!!!! Really can’t take a lost!!! Be wise and don’t say stupid stuff. Idiot!

    • I’m a woman and I get what you’re saying, and you’re right. Shakespeare wrote about it that the women seeming to be most, which the least are. Loud women are the weakest in the men’s eyes. Which mature men ignores, but loose cannon animals like these might act on.

    • Lol…..that makes no sense at all but you are right in one aspect. BLACK women need protection
      …from the masses. White cops, racist folks from other races and now BLACK so called MEN. I had black grandmothers, a mother, aunts and i now have 3 black daughters. With so many against us as a unit why do they need protection from us?
      Our ancestors went through h err ll so that hopefully we wouldnt, but with a mind set as yours, we are never going to overcome.

    • Wtf are you talking about what does doing something she loved to do has anything to do with a women acting tough , she was doing what she loved dude & thats just RAP ! Anit nothing touch acting about rapping …. These men had the nerves to pull a gun , walk her out the party in front of everybody just to kill her , these mfkkas boys was on heavy drugs cause anit no simple rap battle do that 💯

    • 🤔 since when did having talent equate to acting tough y’all dudes act so tough all the time yet they tried to take her life over a simple rap battle and you weird af for even tryna make it her fault.

    • Go lay down & sleep until you’re out of the cave man era. The fact that she was better in a rap battle and these lowlife scum bags decided to commit such heinous acts has nothing to do with women “acting” tough but everything to do with these fools being less than a man bc a real man would never think to bring this harm to a woman. Evil cowards are what they are!!

  9. They are dumb as heck and deserve every charge that got coming to da fullest thank god baby girl still alive to tell her story and to still see her family. No women should have to suffer nor be degraded took advantage of almost coulda died Like that over a honest rap battle to some lil dusty a-s broke a-s nappy headed a-s lil boys. Cause a real man would Neva do a women like this over a rap battle
    And these lil boys are some real weirdos who gets mad cause a girl beat them in a rap battle women can rap you don’t see famous rapper men attacking these famous rapper women that’s making music in da industry just like them getting paid a good artist don’t matter if it’s a female or male. It’s nothing to be mad nor ashamed about. They just some real live dummies big dummies at that. They done messed they whole life up over embarrassment by a women. These dummies need to be put under da prison somebody go hve a field day with these clowns in prison they go knw about it b4 they make it to prison they go be waiting on them clowns to touch down in there and I’m betting they life on that. Same way they rapped her unwillingly the beating her it’s go be like karma baby. They go be madder then that when they karma slap they faces in that prison. Ignorant and dumb a-s hell.

  10. Absolutely HORRIBLE!!! I have no words, only tears and prayers for the poor young lady. May God bless and keep her, and keep her strong.

    • First of all, it was just a contest at a house party not a contest for recording contract. She should not have had to fear for her life because she obviously had better skills than the three of those idiots put together. Together they only created the perfect threat to society and not in a positive manner. May she heal in mind,body and soul. I just would like to say that it is not cool to blame the victim of the crime and women should not have to rely on someone else protecting them against anyone because they exude talent and confidence. May those guys get some protection for their assets in prison. I would be ashamed and mortified to be their parent. SHAME on them.

  11. Wow! Thank God she survived being shot multiple times?! Amongst being set in fire and taped. So happy they were caught now I hope they all rot in jail.

  12. I hope she use her story as a testimony, to inspire other women who experienced similar situations, it hurt me to my core to know she had to endure something like this over a rap battle, she didn’t deserve this,

  13. That’s crazy & p---y hdf y’all get mad n the ppl at damn party 🎈 don’t defend the dam girl all y’all p---y if you set back & watching it happen

  14. Let them rotten in prison they will suffer trust me they will pure evil how could they do such thing omg l pray this dont mess her up for the rest of her life God is good Amen prayers for her an her family

  15. This is some b------t SMFH these guess should be embarrassed of themselves and raped in jail for this… 😡 Shot out to the victim the woman who won the battle it’s not her fault she had more talent and they got jelly it’s sad they couldn’t give her props and give her respect for the challenge instead they hated…😔 that’s just ridiculous😒

  16. I have no words outside of black on black crime and we yelling black lives matter. When we wake up and stop acting like fools outside of our homes things will get better, but until we stop nonsense crimes against ourselves and others we will continue to struggle throughout this country. We set the standard for how we are treated and how we are seen. these 3 clowns are just that clowns!!

  17. Linda try researching all the college frat white guys who throw parties and do this every weekend. Also your whole damn ancestry tree did this to black ppl for 600 years. So Stop being ignorant!
    Side bar: why is this a topic on “5” year old news/post?”

    • Whole ancestry tree? There were always white people who were against slavery and don’t forget it was those white people who fought and won a civil war to end it. Also don’t forget it was black Africans who captured and sold the slaves in the first place. That whole subject is a lot more complicated than black and white – not to mention that it’s a subject that is 150 years dead.

  18. *Odd about that wild, uncalled for animal-act aggression about that incident. I come from the days when Rap artists – GOOD ones would watch what looked like some hapless White guy try to rap – and really, REALLY was good or gave it his best. There was no “huffety puffety” negative reaction from the Black rappers…they were busy welcoming, congratulating and propping up that White guy who really did try and made a good showing for himself. Even if he might have “needed a little work” everybody still gave him “E” for effort. This kind of response – I don’t know. Must be badly raised, badly trained, emotionally & personality immature youngsters coming up these days.

  19. Why so what her rapping skills better should have made them train to become better rappers not hurt someone idiots whatever they smoking hope they catch it in prison

  20. I truly hope they get life in prison or death by lethal injection….or just be done the same way by her family members n friends. This is so sad n heartbreaking, makes me not want to challenge someone with my rap skills…ijs. My prayers go out to her and her family.

  21. Omg just pure evil how could ppl 🚶 around wit that much evil in there ❤ all 3 need legal injection they don’t deserve to live those are monsters the justice system should be equal what you do to others shall be done to you this poor woman have to live wit this 4 the rest of live 🤦🏾😨👿👿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

    • It’s not only black people doing stupid, heinous crimes. White people as well as all people. Do we need to roll out the list of crimes committed for 2019? Don’t be ignorant.

    • Linda, why would you even say that?? How about showing rage to 3 men of any race who could do such a thing?? Or perhaps hurt for the young lady involved. Nope…not you Linda. You’re what’s wrong with this country.
      A black person

    • Linda, what you are implying is incredibly and sickeningly racist. You should be deeply ashamed of your racism. What you imply is incorrect and reflects your ignorance and very low character. People like you seek to destroy the dignity and humanity of other people. You disgust me.

  22. This disgusts me in every way imaginable. People have no regards for human life. If they don’t like something about you they feel they have the right to take your life. We as colored people already have so many obstacles that we have to face every day, and this is what we are out here doing to each other on a daily basis. Now this womsn has to live with this traumatic ordeal for the rest of her life. All because she knew how to rap better. Are you kidding me? What type of hatred are you caring around in you to even phantom doing this to another human being? I have never been one for the death penalty but in this case I’d damn sure pull the switch on the electric chair (all three times). Lethal injection is too good for sick minds like these..and for all those that say they are someone’s kids..guess what so is she.

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