Miami Zombie Face-Eating Cannibal Attack Full Video Leaks + New Photos, Details

Disturbing new video and photos have been released on the zombie-like cannibal face-eating attack which happened over the weekend which shows the man identified as Rudy Eugene eating off the face, biting out the eyes and biting off the nose of a 65 year homeless man named Ronald Poppo.

Rudy Eugene, 31, was shot by police as an unidentified man, as reported on, for his real-life Hannibal Lecter (played by Anthony Hopkins in the movie) cannibalistic, zombie-like, non-stop attack against Ronald Poppo and later his identification was released the next day.

Eugene, who actually stopped eating Ronald Poppo’s face at one moment and stood up to growl, began back tearing away at Ronald Poppo’s flesh like a scene from a horror movie.

According to cycler Larry Vega, from Miami, who witnessed the cannibal attack up-close, the vicious attack was one of the most traumatic things he has ever seen.

Miami authorities said upon arrival they demanded that Rudy Eugene stop. As previously mentioned, he had stood up and growled at the officers like a wild animal and began back eating Ronald Poppo’s face which is now more than 75% missing.

No one is certain what caused Rudy Eugene to act in such a manner, but it is believed that he was on a drug called “bath salts” which reportedly has different varieties such as Cloud Nine, Cloud Ten, Ivory Wave, White Lightning, Scarface, and other names.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the drug contains various amphetamine-like chemicals, such as methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MPDV), mephedrone and pyrovalerone and produces the worse outcome when snorted or intravenously administrated.

As for Rudy Eugene, it seems he may have been going through some possible hardship and had left his house in foreclosure and tried to scare the new owners of the house.

“Kind of looked weird, a little bit. But, other than that, I just, yah know… said long as I got bars and an alarm system put up. I was OK,” a woman who currently lives in the home told ABC.

Rudy Eugene’s past reportedly includes him beating and threatening to kill his own mother in 2008.

Eugene was tasered not once, but three times when he was arrested in-order to be subdued. What’s even more disturbing is that police believe Rudy Eugene may have been mentally ill at that time, however the judge over the case never made a referral for him to go to a mental illness diversion program. The now known Miami face-eating cannibalistic, zombie-like attacker was found guilty, but the court house felt Rudy Eugene wouldn’t be a danger then citing, the defendant is not likely to engage in a criminal course of conduct.

PHOTOS OF Miami Cannibal Attack men identified as Rudy Eugene, Ronald Poppo
PHOTOS: Miami Cannibal Attack men identified as Rudy Eugene, Ronald Poppo PHOTOS: Miami Cannibal Attack man identified as Rudy Eugene
PHOTOS: Miami Cannibal Attack victim identified as Ronald Poppo PHOTO: Larry Vega, witness of man eating man face PHOTO of Man gruesome attack eating man face off PICTURE of Man gruesome attack eating man face off

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