Photo of Memphis deadbeat dad Terry Turnage Mugshot
Photo of Memphis deadbeat dad Terry Turnage Mugshot. Fathered 25 kids by 17 baby mamas

Memphis Man Who Fathered 25 Kids by 15 Baby Mamas Is Still Making Babies!

Photo of Memphis deadbeat dad Terry Turnage Mugshot

The Memphis man who made headlines for fathering 25 children by 15 different mothers is apparently back at it again.

More women have stepped up claiming that Terry Turnage, who reported on back in 2012, is reportedly the father also of their kids and allegedly is still not paying child support for his kids.

Back in November 2012, reported that Terry Turnage, who was then 48 years-old, was being called a professional dead beat dad for owing thousands of dollars in child support.

Turnage was allegedly caught flashing money on Facebook even though he owed thousands in back child support.

Now, according to WREG, Turnage is wanted in another state by more women including 22 year-old Paula Stewart who allegedly found out the father of her two year-old son has fathered many more.

Allegedly Turnage shows up looking broke in court wearing rags while he is known in the town of Forrest City as a flashy dresser and club owner that drives fancy cars and goes by TYB for “Take Your B---h.”

Stewart spoke with Turnage in a conversation obtained by WREG, as Stewart confronted TYB over not showing up for court. Turnage apparently hung the phone up on her while acting unaware that he was suppose to had been at court.

Another woman, who was at child support court at the same time as Paula Stewart, named Miesha Davis also claims that she hasn’t received a dime from Turnage since her son was born.

While Turnage is believed to be the father of 25 children, the Forrest City club owner could possibly even have more children as court records aren’t public due to children being involved.

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