Solange attacks Jay-Z in elevator
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Caught on Tape: Beyonce’s Sister Solange Punches, Kicks, Spits On Jay-Z in Elevator

Solange attacks Jay-Z in elevator

Caught on video, Beyonce’s younger singer Solange is seen on an elevator camera footage going wild punching, kicking, swinging and spitting at her brother-in-law, rapper Jay-Z.

The incident where Beyonce’s younger sister Solange attacked Jay-Z trying to fight the hip-hop mogul reportedly happened after a Met Gala after-party at the Standard Hotel in New York City.

As seen in the video, the group including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Solange and Beyonce’s bodyguard are seen stepping into an elevator when suddenly Solange flips out and unleashes a violent attack aimed at Jay-Z.

The bodyguard in the video steps in multiple times to attempt to prevent Solange from physically hitting Jay-Z while Beyonce seemingly stands next to her man doing nothing.

It wasn’t until Solange began kicking Jay-Z when he grabbed her leg that then Beyonce seemed to have stepped in to prevent it from going further.

At one point, Solange slings her purse hitting Jay-Z spilling her purse content on the elevator floor, while, at one point, she seemingly looks to be spitting at her brother-in-law.

As the video ends, another video appears online showing them walking out as if nothing had happened as they greet the paps. Beyonce and Solange got into one vehicle as Jay-Z was escorted by the bodyguard to another vehicle.

Watch the video of the Solange attacking rapper Jay-Z in an elevator and a video them exiting the building being greeted by the paparazzi.

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