Scarface talks on homosexuality with All Hip Hop
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Rapper Scarface Says Kids Think They Are ‘Gay’ Now Because It’s ‘In Style’

Scarface talks on homosexuality with All Hip Hop

Legendary rapper Scarface of the iconic hip hop collective group Geto Boys recently sat down in a video interview and spoke about homosexuality in hip hop and popular culture.

In an interview with‘s Chuck Creekmur, the rapper was asked about homosexuality and, though he hesitated, he eventually weighed in on the subject.

Scarface put bluntly that he really doesn’t “give a f--k” whether people are gay or not but said, in his opinion, he feels like kids are being influenced by mainstream commercial media into thinking they are gay nowadays.

Then the rapper made mention of the kids wearing tight pants or dresses and high heels or a woman’s tank top because they think it’s a “style” now.

“That’s not a style,” Scarface states adding “it’s like a genetic makeup,” referring to homosexuality.

Check out the interview with Scarface weighing in on homosexuality in hip hop and popular culture.

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  1. He’s right though. But look at who designs the skinny jeans and skirt pants…gay folks. Who’s behind a lot of US media…gay folks. They’re def trying to saturate any and everything in gayness to try to make it look more normal. This is part of why we as fathers need to STICK WITH OUR KIDS, especially our SONS. Step up, black men…or your seed will be next!

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