Bone Crusher Atlanta hip hop is garbage
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Bone Crusher Says Atlanta Hip Hop Is “Garbage”

Bone Crusher Atlanta hip hop is garbage

Atlanta rapper Bone Crusher is ‘never scared’! The rapper who blew up in the mid-2000’s with his gritty hip-hop vocals on the 2003 single “Never Scared” has called out his city for putting out straight “garbage.”

Bone Crusher, who says he helped make Atlanta hip hop a movement, called current Atlanta hip hop “garbage,” while in an interview with VladTV.

The outspoken Bone Crusher claims Atlanta rap is ‘not going in the right direction’ and Atlanta rappers simply need to “go back and study.”

The rapper mentioned OutKast and Organized Noize when referring to when Atlanta hip hop was rich with good hip-hop music or quote “at a higher level.”

The rapper says that, back then, groups like Ying Yang Twins, OutKast and artists like T.I. aka Tip, himself and Lil Jon ‘brought the street’ and the “real gritty.”

The rapper also added that current Atlanta hip-hop artists have a lack of respect for the craft that was put out back then.

Watch the video of Bone Crusher speaking on the current Atlanta music scene.

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