Two Arkansas Razorback Football Players Arrested on Drug Charges

Two (2) University of Arkansas Razorback football team members were arrested on drug charges. Both defensive backs, David Lopez and Hunter Miller, were under 21.

Lopez is 19 years of age, and Miller just turned 20 years old. The two were caught by the patrolling arresting officer after he noticed they were laid back in a parked vehicle on the campus.

As the arresting officer got closer to check on them, he smelled marijuana smoke throughout the car. The officer also claimed to have seen a plastic bag of “green leafy” substances left in plain sight.

Miller and Lopez were arrested on the spot but were released on $660 bond. Head Razorbacks football coach Bobby Petrino is said to be taking the situation into his own hands now.

This drug problem with our young generation is getting worse and worse. If the charges stick against the young men, then they can kiss their football careers goodbye. These days, the NFL commissioner has zero tolerance for almost everything.

You have to understand ,you are NOT releasing stress or having fun, you are only hurting yourself and your future [if you do drugs].

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