The 75th NFL Draft Premieres: The #1 Pick Is..?

The 75th NFL draft premieres tonight on ESPN. The NFL draft is set to be held until Saturday. The hopes of all the great college linebackers, quarterbacks, wide receivers, defensive backs and more will be made public and they will have their careers set.

When the dream becomes a reality for these players, how do you think it also impacts the teams that they go to.

A lot of these players that go high in the draft are not use to losing a lot of games. But, what some don’t realize is that they are going into losing situations being taken so high, so they must do everything the can to contribute and change that.

The teams that will pick these great players for a contract will not only get excited strong men, but they will recieve ready-made men.

The men that are chosen tonight as well as throughout the process, will be birds in a sky that is unlimited. Emotions are running high already.

Gerald McCoy is honoring this night for his late mother.

Will Sam Bradford get the #1 pick?

What team will Tim Tebow go to and at what spot?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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