NHL Bruins’ Marc Savard Accused Of Biting Flyers Daniel Carcillo’s Finger

In case you missed it, a few days ago, Bruins NHL player Marc Savard is accused of biting Flyers Daniel Carcillo’s finger. It all started when Savard slashed Flyers goalie Brian Boucher’s glove which he drew a penalty on immediately and the other flyer players harshly approached him ready to tussle. Carcillo got in Savard’s face and shortly after accused Marc of biting his finger. Savard denied the biting clearly saying that Daniel forced his finger in his mouth while they were tussling.

“Both teams are trying to win a hockey game, so if someone wants to do something and put their team in jeopardy, that’s the selfish thing,” Savard said. “I’m just going out there to win a hockey game.” “No. It’s a non-issue. It’s nothing.”

Marc says that he does not look to be punished for these allegations and is looking forward to their game 3. While no one has approached Savard about being suspended or getting assessed a fine, it seems that Daniel has alot to say including that Savard is a “coward.

“Last time I have been bit was in grade school. It’s not a good feeling. … Guys don’t bite. Men don’t bite,” Carcillo said. You have to admit this is a amusing situation. Both teams tussling it’s kind of hard to prove biting especially if there are no marks. I doubt their will be any punishment.

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