NCAA Football Rule Changes For 2011 Season

The NCAA Football program will likely create new rules for all football games that will go in effect for the 2011 season.

There will be a 40-second clock added to start plays after a preceding play ends.

The clock will be used all throughout the game unless the game stops for injuries or if there is a change of possession.

The 25-second clock will be used coming out of timeouts.

This rule of the 40-second clock will definitely be a great pick up because it will start on the referee’s signal after a play goes out of bounds.

Before this rule was created, the clock STOPPED when a runner went out of bounds and did not restart until the next snap.

It seems that the change will make an out of bounds play exactly like the first down, except the clock will not start until the snap comes during the last 2 minutes of each half to protect the two-minute offenses.

I am exited to see the new rules in effect and the differences it makes on the games down the stretch.

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