NASCAR: Angry Jeff Gordon To Jimmie Johnson ‘Quit testing my patience!’

NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon is furious with teammate Jimmie Johnson again. At the race during the week, Jimmie saw Gordon flying through the Talladega traffic and ducked low to try and get in front of him. Johnson insisted that he was only trying to help his teammate so they could be side-by-side and move up in the race together.

“My intentions were on the up-and-up, I thought we’d hook up and move to the front,” Johnson said. “Certainly, that was my fault. I made the mistake there.”

But instead, Jimmie forced Jeff to drive off the track to avoid hitting his teammate. His momentum was clearly lost as Gordon rushed back in the race and fell behind only to be apart of a multi-car wreck a few minutes later.

“He’s been testing my patience,” Gordon said, “and it’s about reached its boiling point.”

Gordon has been the most popular NASCAR racer for the last decade until Jimmie came. Are we witnessing a little jealousy among friends? We all understand Gordon’s frustrations, because Jimmie should not have went the route he did, but I do believe it was not intentional and he really was just trying to help.

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