Mom of Philadelphia Phillies Fan Tasered For Running On Outfield Speaks Out

Sometimes fans can have too much fun — 17-year old fan Steve Consalvi was tasered at the Philadelphia Phillies vs. St. Louis Cardinals game. Steve decided to jog around the Citizens Bank Park in the 8th inning leading the police on a wild chase. It was 5 men chasing one person.

Consalvi knew exactly what he was doing. Before he went onto the outfield, Steve called his father, Wayne Consalvi to tell him about the so-called fun he was getting ready to have.

Wayne knew that this was a bad idea and tried to talk his energetic son out of it, but it was far too late.

When the police and groundskeepers finally caught up to Steve, they tasered him, and he quickly fell to the ground.

He later got up slowly and walked off the field with help and criminal trespassing charges while the players and other fans cheered and laughed. Steve’s mother later apologized for her son’s behavior. “It was stupid. It was just absolutely stupid,” she said.

Hopefully this has been a lesson for anyone that is thinking or will think about doing anything such as this. It is embarrassing to yourself and your family, comes with criminal charges, and you can injure yourself and others in the process.

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