Manny Pacquiao Willing to Fight Floyd Mayweather With a 24-day Cutoff

Directly following Floyd’s Grrrreat win over Sugar Shane Mosley Saturday, the Mayweather camp was contacted about a possible Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight…. Finally right.

Earlier in the year, the two boxers were suppose to ‘duke it out,’ but Money May accused Manny of taking steroids and wanted a 14-day cutoff for drug testing. The fight fell through because Pacquiao wanted a 24-day cut off and insisted that he never used any performance enhancement drugs ever.

“If Manny Pacquiao can take a blood and urine test then we have a fight,” Mayweather said. “If not, no fight.”

After watching the Mayweather vs Mosley fight in the Philippines, Manny said that he will agree to a fight, BUT it has to be a 24-day cutoff.

“For me, as long as the drug test is not done close to the match, I’ll agree because if they’ll get blood from me close to the match, it will be a disadvantage for me because I’m smaller and he’s big,” Pacquiao said.

If and when this does go down it will be the fight of the decade.

The most anticipated fight for the last few years keeps being put on hold for a drug test. If there is nothing to hide why not consider a 16-day cutoff, that seems fair. Mayweather will not agree to Pacquiao’s terms because they are still the same, but he has not said “No” yet.

Now, Mayweather will NOT consider a cutoff, he wants consistent testing up until fight night, so good luck with this Manny.

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