Lawrence Taylor Charged In 16 Yr Old Rape, Prostitution Case: New Details

Former Pro Football hall of famer Lawrence Taylor is charged with 3rd degree rape and patronizing a prostitute. Taylor, 51, admitted to paying for sex at the Suburban Holiday Inn where he was staying, but did not admit to rape. The alleged rape victim was a 16-year old runaway turned prostitute that was reported missing by her family back in March.

The name of the girl is unknown, only her initials were given so that builds for a strong case for Taylor’s lawyer claiming to not know of the victim. A guy named Rasheed Davis, 36, whom she met 2-3 weeks ago, offered her a place to live and a way to make money. He later introduced her to Lawrence.

Allegedly, the girl received a text message that day reading “Client 1” wanted sexual activities for $300 and when she refused, Rasheed began to threaten her.

After refusing consistently, the girl claimed Davis beat her up, drove her to the hotel where Taylor was, and waited outside until they were through. When through, the girl said Lawrence handed her $300 and told her to “get out.”

It was said that Davis told Taylor the girl was 19 yrs old which would make her of legal age and him only be brought up on prostitution charges, but this can not be confirmed. Davis was also arrested, he’d given the girl marijuana and had her engage in sexual activities so you know he was not too far behind Taylor in this situation.

Taylor’s lawyer denies all the allegations and talked the judge down from a $300,000 bond to a $75,000 bond which was posted immediately. The world hopes that these allegations are NOT true, but these days nothing is a surprise. This situation is truly an embarrassment for Taylor, his family, and his former NFL franchise. More from this story coming later.

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