Is Coach K on the move from the Blue Devils?

Duke University Blue Devils’ Coach Mike Krzyzewski also known as Coach K has looked better and better to many NBA teams. Even though while Duke was still in the tournament no one could pursue him, there have been talks about The Nets wanting his veterancy. Coach K turned down a offer to coach an NBA team in 2004, but times and monies have increased.

The New Jersey Nets are prepared to offer Mike anywhere from $12-$15 million per season. Now it takes a strong man to deny that kind of money, but Coach K has consistently stated he is happy where he is.

The Nets who currently have the worst record this season at 10-66 desperately need someone to come in there and show them how to close out games. Many say that Mike would not work out because he is a college coach and it’s different in the NBA. What most people do not know is that Coach K has been the Men’s Olympic Team Coach for awhile now and knows how to handle them and tame their egos.

Will Mike reconsider the offer the Nets have made him? Has he coached his final college game with that great win over Butler? We all will have to wait and see.

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