Grizzlies vs Bulls

What a game, what a game. Our Memphis Grizzlies coming into this game against the Chicago Bulls tonight were moving high. On a 5 game road win streak they were looking to make it 6 games. It started out kind of stuffy, it felt like we could not buy a shot. We were down 17pts in the 1st half.

Has anyone heard of a guard they call Derrick Rose? Yes, I think we all have. Well the phenom knows as Rose set out to stop that win streak of the Grizzlies. There was a time in the game where Rose was driving to the rim and went up hard to explosively dunk over our Zach Randolph. Rose’s dunks are unlike anything you have ever seen before. With being dunked on, Zach knew what he had to do to get Rose back.

“At least I was on ESPN” Zach said. “I know we would be on there because we came back from 17 down.”

It’s hard playing from behind, I have always believed. The Grizzlies just proved tonight that when they play hard and scrap that they will match up and win against anyone. It was kind of easy for the Grizzlies in the paint tonight because Bulls’ Joakim Noah is out indefinitely with a foot injury.

“It hurts,” Derrick Rose said. “We worked so hard, then the ball bounces their way. We were right there and they made some great plays, effort plays, and they got the ball.”

The Grizzlies still have some more work to do to officiate this western playoff run. Currently at the 8th seed every game counts double for the Grizzlies. Every night there needs to be focus, determination, and willingness to get that jersey dirty. Grizzlies showed they have that, in the big win of 105-96 over the Bulls.

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