Gilbert Arenas Sentenced To Just PROBATION????

Washingon Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas appeared before the court today for sentencing. Arenas, 28, who was in a confrontation with his 22yr old teammate Javaris Crittenton back on December 21st, was brought up on gun possession charges.

Arenas claims to have brought 4 guns in the locker room to play a joke on Crittenton. What Arenas did not know, was that Javaris had his own weapon and cocked it back ready to shoot. Both guys were eventually kicked off the team for the remainder of the season.

It is illegal to bring weapons into the Verizon Center arena as well as others. Because of this act, Arenas faced a jail sentence today in court.

Throughout this whole situation, Arenas, who was known for his sense of humor, approached these charges the same way.

Today, the judge got at Arenas for being so immature about this ordeal but felt jail time was too harsh for his crime. Sentencing Arenas with 18mths, suspended jail time and 2yrs of probation, Arenas finally accepted his responsibility for what happened.

“What we did that day was stupid, irresponsible,” said Arenas.

Also Arenas will have to spend 30 days at a halfway house, where he will go to at night. During the days, he will have to perform the 400hrs of community service appointed by the judge earlier today.

Now is it just me thinking this, or, if someone else was accused of this, they would be on a one way ticket to the jailhouse? Do you think the judge saw who was in front of him and gave a lighter sentencing?

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