Former Hofstra Coach Tim Welsh Arrested, Suspended, Resigns After DWI

Former Hofstra head coach Tim Welsh was arrested and charged with drunk driving. Welsh was stopped at a green light in Levittown in New York at 1 a.m. last week by a police officer traveling behind him.

The arresting officers asked him to take a breath test which showed his alleged alcohol levels at 0.18. Tim’s intoxication level was double the legal limit which is 0.08.

The 49-year old coach recently signed a 3 year $5 million contract at Long Island School.

Welsh still insists to prove his innocence by pleading not guilty. His case has been adjourned by a judge until June 1st.

Walsh was later suspended, and later resigned as head coach with the University hiring new coach Mo Cassara, according to The Hofstra Chronicle.

This drunk driving is starting to get a little too common. Either the laws may need to increase on it or possibly bigger fines need to be assessed.

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