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Drake vs. Chris Brown: Who Would Win In A Fight?! Promoter Offers $10 Mil

Rappers and singers Drake and Chris Brown have reportedly received a $10 million dollar offer to fight in the boxing ring.

For obvious reasons, the two are likely not going to take the offer, but if they did take the offer, who do you think would win: Drake or Chris Brown?

Really, use your imagination and put Drake and Chris Brown in a ring in boxing gloves and ask yourself “Who is going to beat who?”

Then after determining who would win, ask yourself, “How will they win?” Will it be a knock out win? Will it be an quick win or will it go the distance?

OK, just think about that a minute.

Meanwhile, David Feldman, owner of Celebrity Boxing Federation, will be trying to bring imagination to life with a real boxing fight between the two.

Feldman first offered $1 million, then after realizing that was definitely not enough, he upped his offer to $10 million, which considering these guys’ bank accounts, still will not be enough.

$9 million for the winner, $1 million for the loser? Really?!

Will Feldman go higher and would it matter?!

Still, although this may never happen, we still have our imaginary fight.

Drake and Chris Brown: Who Would Win In A Fight?

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