Coach John Calipari on the Move Again, NBA Chicago Bulls?

University of Kentucky head coach John Calipari is now linked to the Chicago Bulls opening for head coach. Sources close to John says he might move to Chicago after just 1 year with Kentucky to try out the NBA again.

A reminder that John did have a short stint as coach in the NBA a few years back but it did not go well at all so he may not return.

Calipari posted on this Facebook page “I’m very happy at Kentucky”, but wait — this sounds familiar to a lot of Memphis Tigers fans because Calipari also stated “I’m not going to Kentucky” and is he or is he not in Kentucky? In other words, his word means nothing to the Memphis fans and until the Chicago job is filled, he will have thoughts of going there because that is the type of man he is.

Currently John is the highest paid in NCAA men’s basketball at $4 million a season. Leading his team to a 35-3 record his first year there, John has already made a permanent home for himself…. if he wants it. UK basketball program director stated that he is working with Calipari now on a deal that will have him as the UK head coach until he retires. This new deal came about right after John was linked to Chicago.

“We have begun initial discussions on restructuring his contract so that he’s the coach at Kentucky until he retires,” Barnhart said in a statement.

One thing is for sure and that is Calipari is going to do what Calipari wants to do period. I do NOT see him going to the NBA just yet, I will give it a couple of years because he has much more publicity in the NCAA especially his draft production rate.

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