A Win Streak Brewing in The Bluff City:Memphis Grizzlies vs. New York Knicks

Friday night the Memphis Grizzlies took an early jump to get a great win over the New York Knicks. Most of the night this was described as “not a game” because the Grizzlies were blowing out the knicks. Memphis would go on to win 119-112 on the night. Are you serious? Are you saying the Knicks came back that close?

It was once a 29pt lead and the Knicks cut the deficit to just 10 with just 3:19 secs left in the 3rd qtr. Memphis seemed to have gotten too relaxed with their lead and started to slack off. Scary moments in the 4th qr when the Knicks cut the lead to just 5pts with 5mins to go in the game. Whoooo we were glad Memphis made enough plays to put the game away. O.J. Mayo who was a beast on the court all night with his 22pts literally took over the game.

“It was ugly,” said Mayo “You’re up 30, and you look up and it’s a five-point ballgame.” Way to put the city on your back Mayo. Toney Douglas of the Knicks was the killer for Memphis in the 3rd qtr. Looked like Douglas would not miss. “Toney Douglas came out and did a great job. So did Bill Walker,” Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni said. “You can’t play the game without much energy and hustle. You just can’t do it. [Walker and Toney] came in and gave us a little bit and they fought. After we were down so much, it was hard to make it up.”

Mayo had exellent help by Rudy Gay who contributed 20pts to go along with his explosive dunk in the 2nd qtr that had the crowd screaming and standing on their heels. We are keeping our playoff hopes alive for our fighting young men. They work really hard and need all of our support. “The game was not pretty but hey we got the win,” said Coach Hollins. “We got the win.”

Come cheer on your Memphis Grizzlies again on Saturday as they host the Denver Nuggets.

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