A Cuban Baseball Brawl Gone Wrong

Not only do tempers flare excessively in United States sports but in Cuban sports also. Earlier today in Sancti Spiritus, a city in central Cuba, there was a baseball game unlike any other. Batter Elizabeth Corea stepped up to bat and the pitcher mistakenly hit Corea in the rib with the baseball. The ball was said to be at 90mph speed so you know that hurt to the extreme.

Upset by the pitcher’s misuse of the baseball, Corea kept the bat in his hand and chased the pitcher around the baseball field. Corea then began to try and beat the pitcher with the bat but other players got in the way. When both teams ran out on the field, it became a mess. It took about 5 minutes to break up the brawl.

There is a video that has surfaced on about this incident. Some say that this was funny and hilarious. But, ultimately it will become a problem for everyone that was involved.. either their health or career suspensions/fines.

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