PHOTO: Trayvoning with Skittles and Iced Tea
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Trayvoning: New Internet Trend Mocks Trayvon Martin’s Death (Disturbing PHOTOS)

PHOTO: Trayvoning with Skittles and Iced Tea

There is a disturbing new internet trend called ‘Trayvoning‘ where teens and adults are taking photos of themselves wearing a hoodie lying on the ground posing as if dead with some Skittles and iced tea near their bodies. Of course, this is all mocking the death of Trayvon Martin, who was shot by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer who is accused of racial profiling and killing the 17 year-old.

Unlike recent internet trend ‘Planking,’ lying face-down with your arms by your sides in an unusual but recognizable location, or ‘Owling,’ sitting in a perched position while looking off into the distance much like an owl, which both had some humor in them, ‘Trayvoning,’ is sadly about death and alleged senseless murder.

Also, most of the photos of the teens and adults seem to be ‘white’ males so racism awareness again is in being raised due to the ‘racial profiling’ behind the Trayvon Martin case.

Still, mainly the issue is that the ‘mocking’ of anyone’s murder – black or white – willed be viewed as disrespectful.

Sadly though, this trend has started abruptly, and, if protestors of it have their way, it wil end as abruptly as it started.

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  1. that's what's wrong with this country this has got to be the worst b------t I ve ever seen mocking a person who was slain in his own back yard… and they want to try and say we've come so far racism is stronger than ever in this white mans world.

  2. This is stupid and Yall need to take it down I would sue If I was the family and yall are very dumb this is not paying respect to him its making fun of him your stupid as hell this Bullsh! t made me mad.

  3. pure media horse shat. 3 picture makes a trend. do a google the same three pictures come up. now that the media is creating a story out of 3 pictures, it is almost certain to take off. The media controls our lives.

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