Zed Zilla Down Time
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Zed Zilla “Down Time”

Zed Zilla Down Time

Memphis rapper Zed Zilla released a new song entitled “Down Time” on CMG for the new year.

Preparing for a new EP to drop in 2014, Zed Zilla is currently promoting his mixtape “Time 2 Eat,” which is available for download now.

The CMG family celebrated the New Year with the new single “Down Time” along with another download by CMG new artist Snootie Wild featuring Zed Zilla.

The new song by Snootie Wild featuring Zed Zilla is “No Kissing” and dropped at the same time as the Zed Zilla “Down Time” single.

Along with the song, Zed Zilla has also dropped a new music video for the new song.

Time To Eat 2 mixtape is set to be coming soon.

Check out the new music single by Zed Zilla entitled Down Time.

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