Young Snipe, Producer of Lil Jon’s ”Da Blow,” Chops it up With

(known to many as Young Snipe) tells he first hit the scene as a member of the once Young Trojanz Jabo, Rell, Snipe, & Money Mike) around the time Yo Gotti, Mac E, and a bunch of Memphis talent…

The young producer out of North Memphis, Tenneseee, Ben Frank (known to many as Young Snipe) tells he first hit the scene as a member of the once Young Trojanz (Jabo, Rell, Snipe, & Money Mike) around the time Yo Gotti, Mac E, and a bunch of Memphis talent you see today had just started. The Young Trojans first appeared nationally in an article on entitled “Who in the hell are the Young Trojans?” back in April of 2002 and were expected even then to become the next Three 6 Mafia but however the group’s label “Out Da Woods Records” ran into legal troubles and ended up folding sometime later. This may have been a stone-casted at the young producer, however, now almost five years since the Young Trojans’ first album “Whatcha Hood Like,” Young Snipe aka “Ben Frank” is producing for artists like Three 6 Mafia, Young Jeezy, Lil Bootsie, Mike Jones, Bun B, Paul Wall, Trick Daddy, E-40, Yo Gotti, Trillville, Franchise Boyz, Young Capone and making hit singles like “Da Blow” off Lil Jon’s “Crunk Juice” album.

Traveling to places like Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, Ben Frank tells he is ‘on da grind’ and preparing a solo album expected soon entitled “Spread The Wealth”. In his interview with, Snipe talks about his new label “Money by Da Pound” formed with brother and now label mate Jay and his deal with Universal Music Group. How’s it going Young Snipe?

Young Snipe: Pretty Damn Good. A lot of the our readers don’t know who Young Snipe is, let em know the bizness?

Young Snipe: Young Snipe is me. Da Platinum Producer/Artist from North Memphis Tennessee. You are originally from the rap group Young Trojanz. Fill us in on what went down with the Young Trojanz and where you are now?

Young Snipe: Basically da Young Trojanz, was where I first hit the scene it was around the time Yo Gotti, Mac E, and a bunch of Memphis talent you see now had just started. We were one of the hottest young groups around Tennessee. It was cool because I got a chance to learn the ends and outs of the business (By saying that I mean, I was mixing and making beats) now I have a solo deal with Money by Da Pound / Universal Music Group. With an album dropping sometime soon and a host of mixtapes (C.O.D, UnderGround Rap, and a couple of more) out right now. You got a number of big thangs happening such as the production deal you signed with Lil Jon’s label B.M.E.. How did that all come in to play?

Young Snipe: Yea, for a lot of people who didn’t know I produced “Da Blow” on Lil Jon’s Crunk Juice Album. I had a two year production contract with BME, Lil Jon signed me himself. But now it’s come to an end, I have my own production company Scoped Out Productionz. So you do a lot of producing now. Who are some of the artists you are currently producing for?

Young Snipe: Im producing for my album, Young Jeezy, Lil Bootsie, Trillville, Franchise Boyz, Young Capone, and a couple of more. You built the indie label with your brother Jay named “Money By Da Pound”, correct?

Young Snipe: Yea How did the name come about and how long has the company been in existence?

Young Snipe: Well I had the music and he had the money, we got together one day, sat down and organized a plan, waited for my contract to be over with BME, hit everywhere Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and grind, “You know Promote”. You also have a new album set to release entitled “Spread Da Wealth”, right?

Young Snipe: Yea, Under Money By Da Pound / Universal Music Group it supposed to drop soon. So tell me a little something about the album like who’s featured on it, etc. and the single that you plan on running with?

Young Snipe: I got Bun B of UGK, Lil Bootsie, Fabo from D4L, Young Jeezy, and Paul Wall. And as far as the single we thinking of running with “Call Us Country (Derty Souf)” feat. FABO of D4L – it’s real crazy. What are your hopes for this album?

Young Snipe: Big, We trying to do big thangs over here. Ya know. Aside from the standards, what messages are you hoping to spread with your music?

Young Snipe: How to Spread Da Wealth, Hustle, Realness, Truth, Loyalty, and Getting Money. (By Da Pound) What do you want someone to think when they listen to your songs?

Young Snipe: That its me that they are actually hearing, I don’t just want them to think I want them to paint a picture with my words and tracks. What is your goal in reaching future generations with your music?

Young Snipe: I just do me and People who feel like me, and I guess that’s the people that I reach. How has the internet effected the way you look at music?

Young Snipe: I look at it as a big Advertising Market. So what does the future hold for Young Snipe and what can fans expect from Young Snipe and the whole Money By Da Pound crew in 2006 & beyond?

Young Snipe: Videos, we have our own clothing line “MBP Brand” we are also doing the “M-Town Shoe” with my guy “Big C” check’em out Memphis. We have Scoped Out Productionz which is a full artist production company offering Beats, WebSites, Cd Cover Design, and Video Recording and Modeling. For more info hit up or for da music. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview dawg. Myself and readers will be looking forward to more from you so keep us posted. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Young Snipe: Make sure you all go and cop the album (Ben Frank – SPREAD DA WEATLH) in stores soon and if you can’t get it in stores hit up or and place your order on-line. And thanks for the Love MEMPHIS RAP.

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