Christ Bearer aka Andrew Johnson of Northstar
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Wu-Tang Discovered Rapper Attempts Suicide, Cut Off His Penis Then Leaped Off Building

Christ Bearer aka Andrew Johnson of Northstar

A rapper allegedly affiliated with the New York hip hop collective Wu-Tang Clan is recovering in a hospital after he apparently attempted suicide leaping off a second story apartment building after first cutting off his own p---s.

Andre Johnson aka rapper Christ Bearer, of the hip hop group Northstar, a group allegedly discovered by Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, was found on the sidewalk underneath an apartment building in North Hollywood at around 1 AM after a suicide attempt.

Johnson, according to sources, cut off his p---s then leaped from the second story balcony of the apartment building and was reportedly on no ‘hard drugs.’

Members of a rap group that Johnson collaborates with claim that Johnson, without warning, just ‘suddenly’ cut off his p---s and jumped off the building.

Then in a ‘believe it or not’ shocking tale, the men say before they made it downstairs, Johnson was already on his feet screaming incoherently.

Though it seems that Johnson has survived the ordeal, reports say the rapper will be unable to have his p---s reattached.

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