Woman Sues Best Buy For $54 Million Over Lost Laptop

Raelyn Campbell, 37, who brought in her laptop to Best Buy (Geek Squad) to be repaired is now suing the electronic retail giant for $54 million after it was lost.

How much is your computer worth? Raelyn Campbell, 37, who brought in her laptop to Best Buy (Geek Squad) to be repaired believes hers is worth $54 million after it was lost. Campbell allegedly spent at least six months trying to get Best Buy to fess up to how her laptop was lost. For the inconvenience Best Buy offered Campbell $1,110 for the laptop which they placed into her credit card account without her knowledge and a $500 gift card which she allegedly donated to charity. Prior to this Best Buy’s corporate counsel sent an offer for $2500 in compensation which Campbell refused.

According to Campbell, repeated requests for an investigation and fair compensation of less than <$5000 were ignored, then addressed with insults and lowball compensation offers. The question now is will the judge throw out the lawsuit for requesting an outrageous sum or will the judge side with Campbell about being possibly exposed to identify theft and violating D.C. law by not informing her that her property came up missing. One thing Campbell may have forgotten is the waiver she signed when dropping off her laptop, that Best Buy is not responsible for lost data."I have filed a lawsuit against Best Buy and launched this blog in an effort to bring attention to the reprehensible state of consumer property and privacy protection practices at America's largest consumer electronics retailer, with the hope that it might motivate Best Buy to effect changes and spare future consumers the experience I have been subjected to -- or worse," Campbell stated on her blog.Campbell states that the $54 million is a "ridiculous number," that she came up with for them to pay attention to her. However, while Campbell makes up ridiculous numbers, other consumers are getting outraged stating in comments that Campbell's greed and egomania harms the prospects of people who have legitimate claims such as for those who have been killed, etc.

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