Woman, Elda Shepherd, Home Safely After Waking Up To Man In Her Dominican Republic Hotel Room

A Columbus, Ohio woman, who woke up to an intruder in her room in the early hours of the morning at the Breathless Resort and Spa in the Dominican Republic, is back home safely in the United States as of June 7, 2019.

The woman, whose name is Elda Shepherd, states she was on a trip in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to attend an anniversary with close friends and family. This is where the incident took place of her waking up to a male worker of the resort in her room.

Shepherd recounts how everything took place and how thankful she is for all the help and for those who listened to her over Facebook.

Shepherd had got the support of social media as we first reported on following the incident happening.

According to Shepherd, she woke up at around 2AM to the same man, a worker at the resort, who had came earlier to fix her hot tub in her room.

Shepherd was sleeping in the nude when she woke up to the employee standing over her.

The man had used an app on his phone to speak in English to Shepherd which asked her why was she alone and if she wanted some company.

Elda Shepherd felt it was a life or death situation and immediately thought about her children and family whom she had left back home in Ohio. Shepherd says she yelled and jumped to her feet standing her ground by going in attack mode and swinging at her intruder to save herself from any harm. The intruder ran likely from the commotion that Shepherd caused.

Immediately after this happened, Shepherd alerted friends and family on social media as well as some of those who were traveling in her group.

Shepherd’s social media family, friends and even strangers jumped into action to help her, as reported on Everyone stayed contacting the Embassy, the hotel and others. (Read the full story: Woman, Elda Shepherd, Wakes Up To Man In Her Room, Attacks Him at Dominican Republic Resort, Social Media Jumps In To Help)

When concerned friends and family contacted Breathless Resort and Spa, the company repeated the same message.

Breathless Punta Cana We are aware of claims being made by a guest that include complaints about an incident and Tweets about being held hostage in the Dominican Republic.

When the initial incident complaint was made, the resort immediately notified the police who arrived on-site. The guest declined to accompany them to the station at the time and the police returned to the property the next morning. The guest then agreed to go with them to the police station and was accompanied by a hotel employee. Hotel management additionally reached out to alert the U.S. Consulate about her complaint.

With regard to Tweets about being held hostage, there is no merit to that claim. In fact, the guest was offered – but declined – the option to move to a different, upgraded room or another resort to ensure her peace of mind.

We take the safety and security of every guest seriously, providing industry best practice protocols and extensive staff training to manage guest concerns. We are conducting an internal investigation, supporting the police in their efforts, and working with the U.S. Consul to ensure the guest is supported and the issue is appropriately addressed.

According to Shepherd, the company made some untrue statements to those who questioned them about her safety and, as of right now, she is just glad to be back because something worse could have happened.

If anyone was to look at the live video streams of Shepherd, one would see that even when she was en-route to the airport, her private transportation was called to turn around and go back to the hotel. The hotel had claimed that they had her plane ticket when in fact, it was just a piece of paper in an envelope.

With the recent deaths and happenings in the Dominican Republic, many are being watchful and making changes regarding their travels to destinations for places like the Dominican Republic.

On last month, 3 different people died within five days of each other with two being a couple. All three had stayed in resorts in La Romana.

Since April, five U.S. tourists have died in the Dominican Republic.

As far as the resort Elda Shepherd stayed at, The Breathless Resort & Spa in Punta Cana, it is a part of the AMResorts Collection (Apple Leisure Group/KKR & Co. Inc.).

As a safety precaution, to keep of aware of travel advisories, The U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs offers safety and security information for every country and warnings via their website’s Travel Advisories.

Travelers can also subscribe to receive updated Travel Advisories and Alerts via Staying Connected.

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