Witnesses Saw George Zimmerman Hold Trayvon Martin Down As He Died (DETAILS)

PHOTO: Trayvon Martin and shooter George Zimmerman

New witnesses have come forward in the Trayvon Martin case against George Zimmerman for shooting the 17 year-old dead as he walked back home while wearing a hoodie following a trip to the store for candy and iced tea.

George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch leader who believed that Trayvon’s shooting would just ‘blow over,’ as reported on, failed to listen to instruction by a dispatcher not to confront or follow the teen whom he stated looked suspicious.

Zimmerman’s legal adviser, who stated there is more evidence, may have a shocker with the new witness whose interview is expected to air tonight on NBC. According to witness Mary Cutcher, she and her roommate witnessed George Zimmerman pinning Trayvon Martin face-down as he died and he  didn’t lift a finger to try to help the young teen after shooting him.

George Zimmerman, who has a criminal past which includes assaulting law officers, and domestic violence, according to Al Sharpton, is currently in hiding after posters where distributed around saying “Wanted: Dead or Alive” with Zimmerman’s face on it.

Currently, there is a disagreement about whose voice is on the 911 call yelling for help. George Zimmerman’s longtime friend Joe Oliver claims that he is sure that it is Zimmerman’s voice, while Trayvon Martin’s parents beg to differ saying that it is the voice of their son.

Meanwhile, George Zimmerman, the son of a retired Virginia Supreme Court magistrate judge and a mother who was a courthouse interpreter, has not been arrested or charged.


PHOTO: Trayvon Martin and shooter George Zimmerman

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  1. Mmmm- shocker, Zimmerman was holding down the kid who just attacked him and tried to bash his head in on the concrete sidewalk- golly- whatever was he thinking? And actually NO- that is NOT what martin’s father FIRST told investigators- He said the voice was DEFINATELY NOT his son’s- Soem corrections need to be made to htis storty so that the people have an ACCURATE story of what happened

  2. I am not a proponent of violence, but I would like to see Zimmerman’s p---s and testicles removed with a dull razor blade and fed to him. Ketchup and mustard optional.

  3. George Zimmerman should come forward and repeat what his story is.

    Hiding out only hurts him more.

    Joe Oliver should stay off the TV defending George when he was not there and does not know what happen.

    Zimmerman traveled with a 9mm in his car. Although he was told not to continue to follow him, but he did not listen.

    Get your storry straight George

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