Will DJ Paul Step Down as "King of Memphis"?

PrettyFred writes “There comes a time when all kings must step down well “DJ PAUL” your time may have come. Yo’Gotti has swept Memphis off it’s feet with his “combining perfect timing every lining”. It’s been a long time coming for “A NEW KING OF MEMPHIS”. In one verse Gotti says: “I read a magazine say Memphis had a king if it wouldn’t B.B. or Elvis what the f_ck a N---a mean”. Well Paul I think Gotti got his point across. There has not been a mixture of such skills and street knowledge since Ball and MJG. He is what he is, a (MAJOR THREAT) to the locks that have been placed on the doors of struggling artists by Memphis own platinum artist 3-6 Mafia.

Hey I am just telling it how it is, I have been a 3-6 fan all of my days, don’t get it twisted! I been bumping Paul nem’ forever!!! But there comes a time when a KING must step down willingly or forcefully, and I don’t think this is willingly. Yo’Gotti made it clear he is taking s--t!! Bottomline!! End of dat! The buzz Gotti has created is awesome here in the Midsouth, not just Memphis but the region is wanging YO’GOTTI. On top of that, he is as real as it gets you can’t find another playa like “YO’GOTTI”. Is he the next big thing ??? Your late! He already is the next big thing. Go Go Go Gotttttiiiii.. ”

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