Whut! magazine boycotts! Claims XFL cheerleader & boyfriend pocket charity money

Whut! magazine is boycotting the endangered species calendar! They claim XFL cheerleader Mina Knox and her business partner Andreas Williams aka “Poncho” are not authorized to sell the whut!magazine endangerd species calendar or any other whut! magazine products.

The following is a quote from a whut! magazine insert and, in no way, expresses the views and/or opinions of or our associates:

“A large portion of the proceeds were to go to a charity dedicated to helping children living with AIDS and HIV. XFL Cheerleader Mina Knox and her lover (Poncho) Andreas Williams are commiting fraud by pocketing the proceeds and neglecting the charity the proceeds were intended for.

The young men featured in the calendar donated their time and their image to benefit children with AIDS and HIV. We encourage you to not purchase the calendars from Mina Knox and Anreas Williams because the proceed are benefiting them personally and not the charities intended.

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