Gangsta Boo dines out with NJ rapper
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Who Is This N.J. Rapper That’s Dining With Gangsta Boo?

Gangsta Boo dines out with NJ rapper

Gangsta Boo recently sat down and dined-out for dinner with a New Jersey rapper in Hollywood, California.

OK, obviously that picture above is not the actual picture of the two at dinner but the rapper that Gangsta Boo dined with actually is a New Jersey rapper by the name of Kosha Dillz, who says he met the Memphis female emcee at a party in LA.

This is Kosha Dillz, pictured here with Gangsta Boo along with artist MURS:
Kosha Dillz, Gangsta Boo and MURS

The picture was taken from a new music video for a song entitled “Where My Homies Be” by Kosha Dillz featuring Boo and MURS, off Kosha’s album “Awkward in a Good Way.”

“We kind of hit off off and started talking after the show,” Kosha Dillz says in an interview with Village Voice regarding his first run-in with Boo at a trap party in a warehouse in Hollywood.

Kosha Dillz says the two went out to dinner at Mel’s Diner in Hollywood after that and quote “connected on a weird level.”

Dillz, who claims he only eats meat at home unless it’s kosher, was influenced by Boo’s southern flavor at dinner. Boo got some chicken wings and ranch sauce versus Dillz’ breakfast food he says he prefers while out dining.

During their first conversation, Dillz says he was intimidated by Gangsta Boo which prompted her to ask him why and he replied that is was because she was a “strong southern woman.” Gangsta Boo apparently liked Dillz’ B.E.T. cypher and decided to drop a verse on the New Jersey rapper’s new single “Where My Homies Be.”

Along with Gangsta Boo’s verse on “Where My Homies Be,” Kosha Dillz also brought on artist Murs who he says was also stoked by Gangsta Boo and jumped on the track.

Check out the music video of Where My Homies Be by Kosha Dillz featuring Gangsta Boo an Murs and feel free to comment on what you think.

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