SoundChild Crew (Blu Tantrum, Weslow, B. Reign, and Geech)
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Who is SoundChild Crew?

When asked about their group consisting of 4 members, the SEA award-winning group SoundChild Crew (Blu Tantrum, Weslow, Black Reign, and Mista Geech) who took home the Indy Rap Artist of the Year award for the 2008 Southern Entertainment Awards told, “We wanna be a credit to hip hop and make timeless music..” and that’s not all they had to say.

“We are where Hip Hop lives,” Blu Tantrum of the group added.

In their interview with, the members of the Arkansas bred group go on to reveal how they met, what’s the rap and hip-hop scene like in their neighboring state to Tennessee, their newest mixtape project of a collage of mixtape installments, their 2009 Southern Ent. Award nominations and more. Who is SoundChild Crew?

Blu Tantrum: We are a group of four members…serious artists.  We try to capture whatever we are feeling everytime we record and we strive to give the people an intense live performance.  We wanna be a credit to hip hop and make timeless music… we love to create songs and feel like it is reflected in our music. Thats who were are…we are where Hip Hop lives. Why SoundChild Crew?

Blu Tantrum: We started the Crew in 97…we were all 17 years old or younger…SoundChild Crew is an acronym…check out “Listen Up” on “How 2 Body An Emcee” to get the true meaning.  On the surface though we felt like it represented real artists that were dedicated to making good music…and it wasn’t your average name for a Hip Hop group.  We also wanted people that didn’t traditionally listen to rap to give us a listen…we hoped that the name didn’t give away the genre right away. How did the SoundChild Crew meet and get together?

Mista Geech: Well, we all grew up together.  Blu, Black, and I grew up in the same church.  Wes and I played b-ball together from Jr. High to High School.  We became good friends through hooping.  Blu and I ended up being roommates freshman year in college and by that time….Blu, Wes, and Black were already doing the music thang. After hearing a beat Blu made I was hooked and its been on ever since! Where exactly is everyone from?

Weslow: Geech and I are from Jacksonville, AR and Black and Blu are brothers from Little Rock, AR…the cities are only half an hour apart.  The area where we grew up has a ton of talent…from boxers to hip hop artists…to painters…rock’s become a real melting pot for talent. How do you feel about the rap scene right now in your town?

Weslow: I feel like there are a lot of great artists in our state…and a lot of great deejays.  We are just out here doing our part to tell the story.  Shout out to all the Arkansas deejays that spin our music…and shout out to the local radio stations that support serious independent artists. What is SC bringing to the game that’s worth paying attention?

Mista Geech: We didn’t start making music to get paid…we got into music because we luv it…we did a million free shows and gave away a million bucks worth of free cds.  We just wanted to be heard…now that we are actually making a couple bucks doing the music thang its amazing.  I think that our passion for music shows in every record…and our style is unique…hopefully people new to SC will find us to be refreshing. Are you seeking a label deal?

Blu Tantrum: We have had a few people holla at us but nothing that we wanted to do at the time.  Things are going well for us independently but of course we look forward to a situation….a great situation….that can help us take this to the next level.  Our top priority though is to build our fanbase and catalogue.  Shout out to everyone who supports SC. What are you working on right now?

B. Reign: We are currently wrapping up a mixtape project with Dj Ames’ (Tha UK Mixtape Messiah) Grind Time 26. Our last mixtape was (Boston’s) Dj Shure Shot’s “Durty South Shootout 4” Hosted by The SoundChild Crew. The first installation of D.S.S. was nominated for a 2009 Southern Ent. Award…”Best Mixtape Duo.” SC won the 2008 SEA Indy Rap Artist Of The Year, right? How do your feel about the SEA’s and winning an award?

B. Reign: Yes. We are definitely honored for being recognized for our music by such a widely known southern awards show.  Thanks to the fans that continue to support SC music…we have 9 nominations for the 2009 Southern Entertainment Awards. What’s next for SC? The mic’s yours, say whatever’s on your mind, whatever you’d like… Let’s do this again sometime.

Blu Tantrum: We are dropping a hundred trillion mixtapes in 2009 so get ready and download them all!  Lol.  We also will release a lot of new behind the scenes footage and music videos on “OL-TV.”  Stay tuned to and for new music and events.  Thanks for listening. ~

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