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This is the first article in the news portal! First of all, whazzup M-Town! Second of all, we want everyone to know that the site is still under construction and is still being developed and you are getting a preview of what’s to come. Please Do NOT direct ANY BITCHING to our email about not finding content or artists or whateva! As I said, we are brand spanking new! However we are an uncensored site which means please feel free to direct any bitching elsewhere on da site just not in our email :) Speak yo mind playa! Also, if ya run into any technical errors with the site then email

About our site: Now you should have read dat playa already somewhere else on da site! If ya missed it though then go here aight! This joint has too many things to summarize. But, short and sweet though, we are and will be an online record store and community of Memphis Rap audio, artist information and more all related to Memphis rappers and R&B artists ONLY ya heard. M-Town Luv baby!

About our record store: It’s coming soon [period]! Nah, I’m just trippin but then now though we haven’t just yet finished the installing of the software yet for the shopping carts and thangs like that so you can look forward to that and when it gets here you’ll know whazzup! Til then, make yo self comfortable in our new home ya heard!

About this portal: Anyone can submit news but you have to be registered for your name to show! Plus you must be registered to access da forums and all dat so it’s just best to join the site and quit dilly dalling ya heard! Now when you suibmit an article they are subject to approval but don’t sweat dat though cause it’ll be rare dat we won’t post the news you submit cause as I said we are not here to censor aight! Just keep article submissions related to the topics

Once again, you can post as anonymous because we don’t want to be all up in ya bizness cause if you low-key and thangs then we don’t wanna put others in ya bizness either, but keep in mind ya have to be a registered user to access most everythang else aight!. Visit the accounts page for some details about benefits and s--t if ya in to dat sort of thang, otherwise, enjoy the Memphis Rap news, forums, search engine, yellowpages, links, tons of mo stuff coming yo way through local Memphians, other Memphis Rap fans, our editors, and even directly from the Memphis Rap artists and labels themselves aight. Submit any Memphis news and drop us an email if ya need anythang!


M_Town Luv

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