Welcome or Not? P. Diddy vs Sinbad

P. Diddy (left) & Sinbad (right)P. Diddy (AKA) Puffy Daddy was at The Premier Saturday Dec. 1.2001 for the Bad Boy Party. Guest including our own 8Ball was there and MJG.

During The P. Diddy Stay
Should he be called P. Diddy or P. Silly for the arrogant attitude at Memphis’ Prestigious spot “The Peabody.” From listening and hearing all the commotion he has a serious problem and you wouldn’t expect it from the laid back vibe he gives you on TV “Yeah right,” who am I lying to here! Promoters touring with P. Diddy were even walking around calling him a** hole and a bunch of other stuff. Hmm….. I thought! It couldn’t be that BaD or could it…

Diddy asked for 6 wine glasses, 6 water glasses, 1 pitcher of milk throughout the course of his stay at the Peabody I was told. He spent around $200 bucks on food without giving tips to the peeps serving his every need. The bad thing is that a young girl serving him was tormented by not only him but by his bodyguards, who followed her front and back to his room on the 12th floor on which he stayed securely on. The young girl has served everyone from Steven Speilberg, R. Kelly, and Presley herself. The bodyguards searched and inspected the food like nothing I’ve heard before. Gosh how crazy can you get? Picking through food and mess… what? Are you’re bodyguards health inspectors too, I mean what’s the point of ordering it! Memphis has madd love for all those who visit us! P. remember this isn’t just any city main, True Southern Luv however, we do have a few crazy folks around this camp!

While P. messed up his welcome, everyone was glad to meet and greet the gentle & friendly comedian SinBad. Everyone flourished around taking photos and talking with him. He even made jokes which P. would never be able to do which probably would have helped him while he stayed (LOL). Everyone asked would he be coming back and a whole bunch of other things while I sought out photos and others thangs happening at the Pea (Peabody).

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Much LUV”

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